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There's a reason The Royal Hounds spent two years getting a work visa for guitarist Matheus Canteri move to America from Brazil. Canteri is easily one of Nashville's top guitarists and makes The Royal Hounds one of the city's most unique bands. Nashville staple Derek Hoke once said, "There is no one in town doing what they do." The roots rock and roll trio has been wowing and entertaining audiences across America, South America, and Europe since 2011 and are still going strong. With their third studio album Low Class Songs for High Class People due out in summer of 2019, The Royal Hounds bring a unique approach to live music that includes good ol' rock and roll, country shredding, swing, honky tonk, bass surfing, instrument swapping, and anything else they can think up as part of their on-stage antics and quirky take on music. Not content to merely stand there and play, The Royal Hounds successfully marry quality musicianship with stellar showmanship.